Grant Process

We’re looking for partners who can help us move forward in our three focus areas – education, pulmonary health, and municipal and economic development.

We know that applying for grants takes time and energy, so we aim to make our process constructive, transparent, and efficient.

Outlined below is an overview of the five-phase process that we use to develop and approve new partnerships. The duration of each phase depends on how complex your initiative is and how much funding is requested. A typical grant process can take just a few weeks to several months to complete – depending on the scope and funding level.


The first step is to complete the screening application form found on our website. This provides us with a strong initial understanding of how your project fits with our strategy and focus areas. We encourage applicants to provide additional information that may help provide context or fully explain your project. 


Every application is reviewed thoroughly by our Grant Review Committee. The goal of this review is to understand what the project entails, why it is important, how it will be implemented, and how it will be maintained once all grant funding has been expended. After the review, a follow-up questionnaire and clarifying questions will be submitted to the grantee for completion.


Following the application review and submission of the follow-up questionnaire and clarifying questions, we will schedule a site visit to meet with the members of your organization charged with implementation of the strategy. The site visit provides the applicant an opportunity to introduce the staff and showcase other assets that will allow the grantee to successfully implement the proposed project.


Once the site visit has been completed and all questions answered, the Grant Approval Committee will meet to determine if the project will be funded. Since funding is limited each year, priority is given to applications submitted by May 31st. 


Once your grant application is approved, we create a legally binding contract between your organization and the Gawlicki Family Foundation. This will include intended results, targets, milestones or reporting deliverables, and a payment schedule.

We know that every grant application process is unique. In turn, we encourage dialogue preceding and throughout the application process. Should you have any questions or would like to connect with a GFF representative, please call 860-249-7022.