Hartford Youth Scholars


GRANTEE: Hartford Youth Scholars Foundation

WHO: Hartford Youth Scholars is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with Hartford students—beginning when they are in middle school—and helps them get “to and through” college. 

WHAT: Our mission is to give students from Hartford the opportunity to change their lives through education. 

HOW: We prepare our Scholars to successfully complete a four-year college degree by offering them access to exceptional educational opportunities and providing them with on-going comprehensive supports. 

WHY: We envision these Scholars attaining college degrees and then returning to work and live in Hartford thereby inspiring and helping to cultivate similar achievements in younger Hartford students.

Hartford Youth Scholars (HYS) helps highly motivated Hartford students gain access to and graduate from best-fit high schools and colleges. The organization provides Scholars and their families with academic and mentoring support for 10 or more years, beginning the summer before students enter 7th grade and continuing through college.


Why The Collegiate Academy?

At The Academy, these are more than “buzz words” or educational jargon. We imagine and strive to create an educational setting where students learn to think for themselves and question the world in which they live. Scholars are regularly asked to challenge common assumptions, examine academic subjects for deeper meaning, and make connections to their lives. Our hope is that they come to see education as an empowering process of self-discovery, one that is not focused primarily on outcomes but rather on the concept that learning for learning’s sake is a relevant and desirous pursuit.

The intellectual rigor at The Academy, coupled with encouragement and support, helps prepare Scholars for high school and college success. In the end, we want all Scholars to graduate from college and identify themselves as life-long learners.