Healing Meals


GRANTEE: Healing Meals

Healing Meals was built on three certainties:

  • Nutrient-rich food is a necessary part of a person’s overall well-being.
  • Young people must be central participants in shaping our collective future.
  • When individuals are linked to their community, they have an overall sense of connection.

It's dual mission drives it to deliver on those beliefs by providing healthy organic meals to people in a health crisis while fostering compassion and empowering youth and adult volunteers in its communities. They prepare and deliver delicious, organic meals for families dealing with a serious health crisis. They cook for the entire family for 12 weeks. Uniquely, all their nutrient-rich meals are prepared by youth volunteers working alongside adult mentors and their Executive Chef. Each week these delicious and nutritious meals are conveniently delivered right to their clients’ doors by volunteer Delivery Angels.