“This transformational gift will enable us to better fulfill our global mission by bringing our outstanding translational studies program to the world through a high-quality, technology-rich distance learning platform.”

- Beverly Warren, President, Kent State University


GRANTEE: Kent State University

Kent State University’s Institute for Applied Linguistics (IAL) is one of America’s leading university translator training and research programs. The IAL’s comprehensive undergraduate and graduate curriculum provides students with a firm foundation in translation studies and practice in Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

Founded at Kent State in 1988, the IAL currently serves more than 100 students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. It is the only program in the United States that offers a full Arabic translation graduate degree, in addition to being America’s only program offering training from the Bachelor of Science to Ph.D. levels.

Historically, translation training and studies has not been well developed in the U.S., and with many top translators nearing retirement age, the talent pipeline to backfill these critical positions needs to be revitalized.

To help solve this educational and economic challenge, the Gawlicki Family Foundation awarded a grant for $1 million to fund the development of a state-of-the-art Online Master of Arts in Translation Program at the IAL. This new, distance learning master’s program provides greater access to students and professionals interested in translation training.  

The transformational grant helps create a new faculty position, develop an innovative, technology-rich distance learning platform, and provides remote access to the IAL’s state of the art virtual lab, equipment, and CAT and DPT software.   

Visit www.kent.edu/appling to learn more about the IAL and The Gawlicki Family Foundation Online Master of Arts in Translation Program.