GRANTEE: National Resource Network

Across America, many cities are challenged by a range of issues such as growing poverty, high unemployment, poor performing schools and aging infrastructure. These symptoms of economic distress are often accompanied by symptoms of fiscal distress as well, leaving cities without the tax base or resources to address economic challenges or provide basic services that enhance quality of life.

The City of Hartford's financial challenges have been well documented in the press. Mayor Luke Bronin recognized the need to identify options for achieving fiscal sustainability in Connecticut's capital city.

In turn, the City obtained substantial funding to contract with the National Resource Network (NRN) — a federally funded consortium of urban experts based in Washington, DC – to provide the City with recommendations on how Hartford can be more efficient in its operations over the long term.

As part of the arrangement with NRN, the City has agreed to provide 25% of the total estimated cost of the project, or approximately $63,000.

To support the City of Hartford in its efforts to create a sustainable future – something that will benefit both city and state residents – in May 2017 the Gawlicki Family Foundation agreed to fund nearly $33,000 of the City’s obligation to NRN. 

Launched in 2014, the National Resource network has partnered with more than 50 cities in 22 states across the country to overcome significant challenges including population decline, poverty, access to health care, and unemployment — and to increase overall economic competitiveness. Additionally, NRN has focused on increasing partnerships between state and local governments, launching pilot state resource networks in Massachusetts and California.

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