Read Aloud Mentoring Program

GRANTEE: Read to a Child

Read to a Child's mission is to foster a love of reading, improve literacy skills, and support socio-emotional well-being in students from under-resourced communities.

Founded on the belief that every child deserves to be read to regularly by a caring adult, their approach is based on the premise that a lifelong love of reading is a driver of opportunity for children throughout their lifetime.

In Read to a Child’s Read Aloud Mentoring Program (RAMP), an adult is partnered one-on-one with a student attending one of our partner elementary schools for a rewarding, weekly read aloud experience. The relationship lasts for the entire school year and often extends for multiple years through the end of fourth grade. Reading pairs are supported by an on-site Program Coordinator, employed by Read to a Child, and are provided access to a wide selection of diverse books to read.

Over time, the simple act of reading aloud to a child once a week helps to develop each child’s love of reading while offering the adult a convenient, joyful, and meaningful way to give back.