GRANTEE: Real Art Ways

Real Art Ways began in the fall of 1975 when a group of visual artists and musicians took over a rambling upstairs space on Asylum Street in downtown Hartford and created a bare bones salon in which they lived, worked, and presented the work of others. 

Across the country alternative ideas were being explored and developed – and that idea of presenting alternatives to the ones in the mainstream remains central to Real Art Ways’ work. Real Artways presents and produces innovative, artistically excellent and culturally diverse work and welcomes and builds diverse audiences. By supporting emerging and established artists, Real Artways strengthens and expands the broader creative community. Real Artways is a place that creates opportunities for people of all ages to discover, learn and engage with art, ideas and other people.

Today, Real Art Ways is widely regarded as one of the country’s outstanding contemporary art spaces, one that has a special link with its own community. With films, concerts, performances, readings, exhibitions, and a space where people gather before and after events, Real Art Ways is a unique meeting place for people to come together around art, ideas, and conversation.

Real Art Ways' commitment to its community segued naturally to its education programs. In these programs, Greater Hartford students are exposed to new ideas while fostering a greater connection to the arts and providing opportunities to talk about issues affecting our communities. The three-year grant from the Gawlicki Family Foundation will support these community-based educational programs.