Health Forward

Empowering patients and enhancing health outcomes through intervention, rehabilitation, and patient-centered care

Scientific advances and technology have transformed the entire health care system. From diagnostics, to treatments, to delivery method – we are no longer confined within the physical walls of the hospital or traditional, reactive interventions. Increasingly, we are taking a greater role in leading our own healthy lives. From preventive health to wellness programming, we are witnessing and participating in a societal shift towards proactive, healthy living.

The Gawlicki Family Foundation wants to support this ongoing health care transformation – specifically focusing on innovative solutions in the arena of pulmonary health.

  • Obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and smoking contribute to pulmonary disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • These diseases reduce health-related quality of life for the patient
  • The burden extends to families, friends, caregivers, the health system, the community, and our economy

Nationwide, but in Connecticut especially, hospitals and health systems are struggling to absorb significant public funding cuts to their budget – at both the state and federal levels. This translates to less R&D and institutional support for innovation initiatives – especially new interventions that extend from the hospital to the home.

By providing health care and wellness program funding, we work to foster new solutions to improve health and well-being in our communities.

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